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Q1. What is online Job Portal ?

Ans- This is the platform which is available on internet and where employer and job seekers does their registration and submit employer their company details and job seekers submit their CV for recruitment purposes.

Q2. Compatible browser for searching jobs in online portal?

Ans-Normally all browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Bingoetc. are compatible browser for searching jobs in online job portal.

Q3. Problem logging into Magic Job portal?

Ans- If you are facing any problem into logging in magic Job portal for registering, applying to job, posting of job etc. then check your internet connectivity, internet speed, updated browser or not are the some of the reason need to be checked.

Q4. How to get help if I need the same?

Ans- For normal enquires and information send mail to help@magic-job.com.

Q5. Will my data secure?

Ans- we will share your data wherever law is permitted. It will be shared between employer, advertising agencited.if asked to share by the law agencies. We will not share any other person from our end.

Q6. Will we ask money for our services?

Ans- we or any of our representatives will not ask any money or materials from job seekers whatsoever. We also not take any guarantee or give any assurance to give or provide any job to any job seeker in lieu of money. However we have certain charges for Employer to provide them Magic Job services.

Q7.Should I need to complete all of the information one time during registration?

Ans- You have to register all information during one registration process.All essential input must be provided during the process of registration.

Q8. What I will do if my required information has included in drop down box option?

Ans- You required selecting within the available drop down options which is close to your skill, personal information, experience etc.

Q9. Can I apply to any job without registration?

Ans- No to apply any job from Magic Job platform you need to do the registration first then only you can apply any job.

Q10. Should I receive any confirmation mail after applying to any job?

Ans- After successfully applying to any job you will receive a mail confirmation from Magic Job.

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