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How Can Data Science Make You the Leader of the Future?

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Our World and Data Science-

With the huge explosion of data production across the industry worldwide and the urgent need for skilled professionals to work with that vast amount of data problem solving, Data Scientist work has been growing at an unprecedented rate. Organizations such as Glassdoor and Harvard University have announced Data Science as the best of the 21st century, and with more and more data coming and going, more and more will be available.

Who is a Data Scientist and What Do You Do?

Data Science refers to the study of hidden data behind data and to deception in order to find logical solutions to business and industry problems. The specialists who do this work are called Data Scientists.

Data can be both formal and informal, and dealing with it is challenging but fun. The work includes data collection, data interpretation, conversion and modification of data for statistical models and machine learning, visualization, and model communication for customers, and lastly, use it in the production environment. Most importantly, Data Scientist serves as a bridge between industry and management at the company.

Where Are Data Scientists Needed?

Data Science has become a very important part of Information Technology. Industries such as e-commerce, social media, software building, network, game developers, etc. rely heavily on the database and its exploitation to improve user experience and solve technical difficulties. In addition, data production also takes place on a large scale in industries such as bioinformatics, medical science, urban planning, navigation, aviation and planning, finance, human resources, and even entertainment such as movies, TV programs, and sports.

What Can One Learn From Data Science Training?

A person wishing to be a Data Scientist should be an expert in the field of mathematics, programming languages, technology, and problem-solving techniques. With this in mind, the training focuses mainly on programming languages ​​such as Python and SQL used for machine learning. R and Excel is a well-known software for analyzing statistics and data modeling. Tableau is a very useful tool for preparing working charts and graphs for model communication while the Hadoop framework is used to collect large amounts of data from open-source software.

The course provides in-depth training of all Data Science concepts by IIT, an ISB alumni instructor with extensive experience in the data industry. Students receive in-depth research on Hadoop and the opportunity to work on live projects to prepare them for the job. They were allowed to appear in many webinars and interviews and received excellent job assistance to get the right job at leading companies through a dedicated placement cell.

Currently, the world is facing a severe shortage of professionals who will work as Data analysts, machine learning and Advanced learning engineers, software programmers, etc, and a student trained in Data Science has the ability to perform all of these tasks. Companies hire Data Scientists on a large scale and earn high salaries with promising growth according to experience. So, now is the best time to pursue Data Science.


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