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What Are Some Important Hiring Process Steps For 2020 And Beyond?

Many recruiters using the best job portals for recruiters are well-aware of all the necessary hiring process steps, but in this article, we will discuss some more important steps. Many companies have their hiring processes. What follows are the essential points in the hiring process steps across industry and regardless of company size. However, the specific details of the hiring process steps are different in each company.

job portals for recruiters, hiring process steps

Lets discuss some of the essential steps involved in the hiring process.

Look For The Hiring Need:

The first hiring process steps include identifying the hiring need. It could range from filling a left position, better managing a teams workload, and expanding the reach of organizational tasks. Posts are either formed or recently vacated.

Make A Recruitment Plan:

After a company identifies the hiring need, the recruitment process should begin. To hire the right employees, you must use Magic Job, the best best job portal for recruiter. All those involved in the hiring process must agree to the steps and appropriate communication channels. The recruitment process also includes strategizing how to advertise the new position, both internally and externally, criteria for initial candidate screening, what the interview process will look like, and who will conduct interviews.

Write A Job Description:

Recruiting managers should generate a job description that includes a prioritized list of job requirements, unique qualifications, and required experience. The job description of job portals for recruiters should consist of information regarding salary and benefits.

Recruit The Position:

The hiring staff should reach out directly through the job portals for recruiters, LinkedIn, and job fairs. Ongoing recruitment will help create applications from potential candidates who are not actively searching for new jobs but may be perfect for the available position.

Review Different Applications:

Review several applications that you receive from various references, such as job portals for recruiters, social media, or any other source. It is one of the crucial steps in the hiring process steps. Once a batch of qualified applications are compiled, the managers should review the other candidates and identify those they want to interview.

job portals for recruiters, hiring process steps

Applicant Assessment:

After you interview all the qualified applicants, assign applicants one or more standardized tests. These exams contain a wide range of variables, including personality features, problem-solving skills, reasoning, reading comprehension, emotional intelligence, and more.

Background Check:

Background checks review candidates criminal record, verify employment history and eligibility, and run credit checks. Some companies also check social media accounts to make sure potential employees are likely to professionally represent the company.

Job Offer Letter:

The offer letter includes salary, benefits, paid time off, start date, potential severance pay, working policy remotely, included company equipment, and other terms and conditions of employment. Negotiations are likely to follow. It is common for terms like salary, flexible work plan, and working remotely to be negotiable. 

These were some of the vital hiring process steps for 2020 and beyond. If you are looking for a job portal to hire employees, you can register your company name on Magic Job, which is the best job portal for recruiters, where you can easily hire new employees for your company. Register your company name today, and hire the best candidates.


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