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What steps you must follow to recruit talented employee?

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The start of the year, especially January, is a good time to hire skilled workers who are dissatisfied with their current jobs. After the parties and promises of luxury bonuses were over, employees began to think about their current positions and dream of new opportunities.

The steps for hiring skilled workers are as follows:

1. Understanding applicants' feelings:

At the moment, applicants' confidence in the companies they work for is faltering. Also, bogus promises and income growth opportunities are unfulfilled. However, when you do contact him, do not say I told you so but invite him to the restaurant and listen to what he has to say.

2. Understanding of applicants' expectations:

Talk to the applicant about his / her expectations, both financially and professionally. You need to make sure the applicant has realistic expectations before you offer him or her to work for your company. Talk to him about his future responsibilities, ideas for the company, colleagues, and management. It's time to tip her and change on.

There are 3 common reasons why applicants wish to continue with their current activities:

Self-improvement: Applicants like colleagues, work environment, and atmosphere.

Job development: Applicants have the opportunity to develop their skills, feel happy, and want to improve their positions.

Financial conditions: Applicants think they receive a fair wage.

You may have only one chance to talk to the applicants, so you should know what their expectations are as often as possible. Based on that, you can create the right hiring strategy.

3. Develop strategies:

After gathering basic information, you should develop a strategy. Highlight your company strengths and expectations of participating applicants for your company's best conditions for them.

Business culture and community culture in a company are often the most significant points. Why do applicants work for your company? What makes your company a good place to work? What is the difference between your company and the company in which the applicants operate? Applicants often look for companies that create favorable conditions for them to improve their personal and professional skills and to help them become self-reliant and build relationships based on trust. When applying for a job, many applicants offer conditions such as:

- Safe and stable;

- Training about major;

- Having a balance between work and life;

-Having opportunities to commit;

- Having opportunities for career development;

- Receiving the right bonus and medal.

So which way does your company meet?

4. Remember that applicants do not fully trust you:

Because applicants have heard many unfulfilled bonus promises from their current manager, they will just believe what you say. So, let your other employees in your company talk about it. Let them meet with potential future co-workers, managers, and staff in your company. For any elderly applicant, invite him and his wife to dine with you and your superiors and their family or someone respected. It is a perfect way to build confidence in applicants.

You should have a team of two or three people who help you capture different information and create opportunities for applicants to connect with other people with different personalities. Each interviewer focuses on the required aspect in the workplace. For example, the human resources manager will negotiate to find out about applicants' compliance with personal and cultural values which is a very important factor in a new position. Experience and education will be discussed by the person with the most experienced in the position. The last person will support you to discuss with the applicant other skills and knowledge.


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