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5 Mistakes to Avoid in Dealing a Workload!

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When asked what the biggest challenge they have is many managers say doing everything is what they find most difficult. One major difference between being a manager is that you no longer have to be responsible for one or two things. You need to manage a variety of tasks as well as people and resources. Therefore what are the top 5 errors that managers make when it comes to managing a workload and what should they do instead?

Mistake 1: Failure to concentrate:

The first error managers often make when it comes to managing responsibility is worsening to focus on management. This is often a major challenge for those who have been promoted to the same organization in the administration. When you are a manager you are no longer measured by what you do but by the results, you bring in individually.

Solution: Make a point of allocating part of your time directly to manage and get clear on how your performance is measured.

Mistake 2: Not treating others with respect:

Assigning responsibilities and responsibilities is often something that managers find difficult to do. They may have been disappointed in the past and are reluctant to try again. It is important to remember that when you avoid delegating you are giving a message to your employees that you do not trust them. How would you feel if your boss gave you a message that he did not trust you?

Solution: Find activities that only you can do and that you can trust. Once you have identified those non-transferable tasks, find the best person in your team to do the job and hand them over.

Mistake 3: Refusal to refuse:

You want to be seen as a helpful person - right? The real question you should ask yourself is whether you want to be seen as someone who is always giving help but seldom bringing help. As a manager, you need to know when to commit and when you can commit to something. It is good to say and elaborate your reasons than to say yes.

Solution: Stay clear of what you need to bring in the coming weeks and how long it will take you to see clearly what strengths you should take from the extra work or projects.

Error 4: Unplanned:

Failure to plan is planning failure. You would not go without a plan or try to do something without a plan. So why would you let your production and performance be unplanned by chance?

Solution: Plan your monthly, weekly, and daily activities and make sure that you focus on your priorities.

Error 5: Extremely accessible:

Many managers talk about having an open department policy. At the same time, you need to be aware that your open department policy may not be a constant disruption policy. When this happens you start to lose a lot of your time, but the delivery results in jeopardy and puts yourself under real pressure.

Solution: Have set times when you are available to deal with people's problems and problems and schedule this time on your calendar. If problems arise other than this, make sure the news needs your immediate attention.

Important - Managing workloads professionally will set you apart from most managers and help you deliver results. So what action do you need to take to better manage your work?





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